Metal Roofing

Whether you enjoy listening to the sound of rain falling on the rooftop or simply want to give your home or office a casual or luxurious flair, Vassa Metal Roofing is a most excellent choice. While it’s often thought that metal roofing products are only suitable for farmhouses and mobile homes, Vassa Metal Roofing advocates the benefits of installing a metal roof on your residential home or commercial building.

So, what exactly is metal roofing made out of?

Typically, metal roofs are fabricated from steel or aluminum, which are both generally used as metal roofing materials since they are weather-resistant, durable, long-lasting and have proven to be rustproof. Metal roofing installations normally consist laying and adhering steel or aluminum sheets of metal roofing strips that are cut to precise dimensions and then attached to the rafters with metal screws. These metal roof sheets are usually coated with a special non-corrosive substance to help further prevent water damage from occurring.

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