Metal Shake Roofing

Vassa Metal Roofing is happy to offer GERARD metal roofing technology’s line of metal shake roofing products, Canyon Shake. This metal shake roofing product provides the durability you would expect from a metal shake roof and comes with all the ratings & features that any other metal roofing product in its class would be expected to. Such features include Class A Fire Rating, 120+ miles per hour wind coverage, limited lifetime warranty, and even goes beyond the Class 4 Hail rating with a 2 1/2" Hail stone coverage. Of GERARD metal roofing technology’s metal shake product offering, we would like to emphasize natural wood shake for a few reasons. First, the metal shake roofing product Natural Metal Shake requires very little maintenance and is not at all time-consuming to upkeep. Further, the replacement costs of this particular metal shake roofing product aren't prohibitive. In general, Canyon Shake metal shake offers the same premium looks as other brands, while eliminating all of the maintenance costs associated with other metal shake roofing products and companies.

A few of the most beneficial features of the metal shake roofing product: Natural Canyon Shake include:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (transferable and non-prorated)
  • Superb curb side appeal
  • Great resistance to weather and wind
  • Low maintenance & upkeep costs, if any
  • 11 designer colours to choose from for this metal shake roofing product
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Incredible tensile strength and product durability
  • Non-combustible “Class A” Fire Rated available
  • With this metal shake roofing product, there will be no more cracking or splitting of the metal roof
  • Four-way interlocking connection system

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