Metal Tile Roofing

In regards to metal tile roofing products, it is our position that form and function have never been more skilfully melded than in the metal roofing products we offer by GERARD metal roofing. GERARD’s metal tile roofing products are built to turn away weather’s worst and last a lifetime in even the harshest climates. The result is always the same: A metal roofing system that reaches new heights in performance, while showcasing the beautifully impressive good looks of a true classic. In our metal roofing projects in the past, we have most commonly implemented the following metal tile roof colours: Barclay metal tile roof, Spanish red metal tile roof and driftwood metal tile roof.

Vassa Metal Roofing is unique in that we provide both full and half-length custom-cut metal tile and steel tile panels that can be up to 30 feet in length. There are several advantages to using a steel tile or metal tile metal roofing system, including significantly less on-site preparation, speedier installation per square foot, which ultimately results in both time and cost savings. With the implementation of metal tile roofing products, fewer horizontal seams are needed, thereby reducing the possibility of leaks (unlike smaller, metal tile multi paneled clip-on roofing systems).

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